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Inventing Better Thai Housing Solutions than Baan Eua-Arthorn & Baan Mankong (June, 2012)
Most city plans in Thailand expired (March, 2012)
Housing projects get smaller (July, 2011)
It's time to put csr on the 'doing right' track (May, 2011)
Not everyone in Map Ta Phut is upset about industry (December, 2010)
New survey suggests no condo oversupply 79% occupancy seen as healthy (December, 2010)
Letter to the Prime Minister on Voice of Map Ta Phut People (November, 2010)
Greater Bangkok prices becoming dearer (October, 2010)
Residential project launches to see big rise (July, 2010)
AREA: Don't allow land tax exemptions (March, 2010)
Tax reform must precede liberalisation (February, 2010)
Developers need to guard against risk of housing oversupply (February, 2010)
Baan Mankong: Slum Solution or Fiasco? (January, 2010)
No serious impacts from Dubai, Dong (December, 2009)
Prices for new houses climb 30% Units in Bangkok up to B3.5m from B2.7m (November, 2009)
New body proposed to improve land use (May, 2009)
Property sector welcomes generous new incentives (January, 2009)
Soft Laws & Governance (November, 2008)
Rama V Road and Ratchaphruek Road popular fordetached housing (September, 2008)
Land prices feel pinch (September, 2008)
Plots near mass transit still gain the most in value (September, 2008)
Home sales rise as condos sag in first half (July, 2008)
Hot locations' appeal to investors may cool (May, 2008)
Condo bookings fall despite stimulus measures (May, 2008)
Comment's on the Report of Global Peace Index (May, 2008)
Condominium Developments In Bangkok, 1994-2007 (January, 2008)
Q4 expected to bring signs of housing market revival (September, 2007)
Launches slowing, average prices down (July, 2007)
New condo offerings increase 82% in May (July, 2007)
Rethinking Real Estate Cycles, Bangkok, 1997-2007 (July, 2007)
Average price of houses at four-year low (April, 2007)
Foreign-owned companies urged to fix shareholding structures (February, 2007)
Pattaya has a rosy future (February, 2007)
Reserviors a must for developers (February, 2007)
Housing inventories up 10%, leading to oversupply (January, 2007)
Demand softening in some areas (January, 2007)
Pattaya sales on the decline (January, 2007)
Nine Understandings of CSR (January, 2007)
Siam Square now the most pricey (September, 2006)
Conference to attract new foreign investors (May, 2006)
Better prospects on the horizon (May, 2006)
Home sales expected to fall 22% this year (July, 2005)
Thailand's Property Value and Valuation in FIABCI 2006 (July, 2005)
Property Prices of Phuket After Tsunami (July, 2005)
Materializing Real Estate Information Centre in Thailand (July, 2005)
Sales steady but prices to drop (July, 2005)
Exploring Non-Traditional and Alternative Areas of Work for Valuers in Thailand, September 2004 (September, 2004)
Housing Market Recovery or Unsubstantiated Euphoria: Bangkok's Housing Market Today (2004) (January, 2004)
Bangkok Housing Market Situation, Mid 2003 (August, 2003)
Bangkok Slums, A City Report for UNCHS (August, 2003)
Thailand's Government Housing Finance Policy (July, 2003)
The State of Valuation in Thailand (July, 2002)
Property Information Centre: An Intelligent Unit to Tackle the Real Estate Crisis in Thailand (July 2002) (July, 2002)
2002 Summary of Housing Market Situation in Bangkok (January, 2002)
GIS and Modern Valuation Practices in Thailand (February, 2001)
Clearing the Myth from the Valuation Profession in Thailand (April, 2000)
How to Standardize Real Estate Valuation Practices in Thailand (September, 1998)
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