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2000 Real Estate Situation : PRRES

(VAT News 1/2000 page 14)

Mr. Angelo Karantonis
President the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society
Assoc. Prof. of University of Technology, Sydney

2000 Global R.E. Industry
    Money will flow more "freely" across borders based on risk and return.

2000 Australian Real Estate Market
    Australia has been experiencing strong growth since the "property crash" of the early 1990's. I would expect the market to remain strong in the Year 2000, particularly with the Olympics.

Innovations in the 21st Century
    Probably the internet. Market domes-tically and internationally, bringing more knowledge or property movements around the world.

To Improve the Thai R.E. Market
    One thing that will help is "more accessible" information on transactions and an increase in professionalism.

Cautions for Valuers
    Need to continue to keep themselves informed through continual updating and education.
For Thai Property Valuers
    Ensure that you know the factors that determine your supply, demand and become aware of how exogeneous factors can have an impact. The big "Ups + Downs" of the cycle create one of the biggest problems for appraisers. When markets fall after an appraisal, everyone wants to turn to the appraiser!

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