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Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, PhD D.FIABCI CRS MRICS

Dr.Sopon has had experience in real estate research and valuation since 1982. He teaches valuers, brokers, developers, financiers, planners and consultants at undergraduate and graduate levels in Thailand and abroad.  He gained a PhD in land and housing from AIT and had further property valuation training from LRTI-Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and housing from KU Leuven (Belgium).

Currently, Dr.Sopon is the President of FIABCI Thai, the Thai Appraisal and Estate Agents Foundation and the Agency for Real Estate Affairs, IAAO representative to Thailand, Director of Thai Real Estate Business School, and a member of the Global Valuation Forum of the Appraisal Foundation (USA).

His research master pieces include the discovery of 1,020 slums (1985), CAMA (computer-assisted mass appraisal) modeling (1990), forecast of 300,000 unoccupied housing units (1995 and 1998), study for property information centre (2000), roadmap for valuation, Ministry of Finance, Vietnam (2006), Ministry of Finance, Indonesia (2008), World Bank Indonesia (2010), Ministry of Finance, Cambodia (2012), UN World Cities (2015), ASEAN Property Surveys (2017), Global Municipal (2017), and Bangkok Zoo relocation (2019).

Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai,
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