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         Thai Appraisal Foundation is a non-profit organization operating under Thai Law administered by the Ministry of interior and Education (Regd. No. BMA 1075). Its function and status is not for the profit of interest groups of professionals nor for trade purposes but for the profit of property professions as a whole, consumers and the general public.
         The Foundation is dedicated to fostering higher standards of professional practice in the fields of property valuation, urban land studies and related areas; at the same time it aims to provide a forum for free and uncensored discussion of any important issue affecting appraisers in Thailand
         The Foundation has an ongoing commitment to research in the property field and it actively disseminates information and important news, including relevant international valuation issues, for the benefit of the property profession in particular and the Thai public in general. Its independence guarantees unbiased information undistorted by any commercial motives.

Critical Functions of the Foundation.
Research: The Foundation is engaged in ongoing research targeting many aspects of appraisal and property investment and development.
Education: Short courses are conducted on a regular basis bringing the latest views on the real estate market and professional practice from international experts from Thailand, Australia, the US and many other countries.
Connections: Through its meetings and its Internet site the Foundation opens doors to many important property related institutions across the world. This also allows the Foundation itself to be always aware of the latest developments in this field.
Information: The Foundation maintains an extensive natural database comprising a wealth of property data. This forms a base for assisting the public through free annual seniors exhibitions and counselling services for home buyers. The Foundation has helped thousands to make better decisions in the important business of buying a house.

Thai Appraisal Foundation delivers:
the latest developments in professional practice for appraisers / values.
a forum for cooperation and interaction for property professional.
unbiased advice on the property environment for developers and investors.
reliable data on real estate mattes for government at every level.
information important to property users for the people of Thailand.
an interface between Thai property and the world for international communities and professionals.

Board Members of the Thai Appraisal Foundation 2017-2018

Mr.Ballobh Kritayanavaj

Ms.Kasaree Chumnandechakul

Dr.Kaweepoj Worayingyong

Mr.Kittipong Polprayoon

Mr.Klayo Thongsom

Assoc.Prof.Niputh Jitprasonk
Chairman of the Board

Prof.Pornthep Srinarula
Vice Chairman

Dr.Prateep Tangmatitham
Vice Chairman
Board Member

Mr.Anusorn Rojanasomsith
Board Member

Mr.Apichart Prasitnarit
Board Member

Mr.Assanee Subvanich
Board Member

Ms.BB Safiya Benjamasuratin
Board Member

Mr.Chumnong Buakai
Board Member

Mr.Ekachai Plianpoe
Board Member

Mr.Nathapon Kongsila
Board Member

MrSakchai Boonma
Board Member

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sumphand Rathaphattaya
Board Member

Mr.Tanin Nonnatee
Board Member

Mr.Tawat Meeprasertskul
Board Member

MrVivat Srijareanwong
Board Member

Dr.Wilailak Sakulpakdee
Board Member

MrWisit Monaiyapong
Board Member
Board Member & Treasurer

Ms.Pattama Chantranukul
Board Member & Treasurer

Ms.Wanna Poonparn
Board Member & Deputy Treasurer
Board Member & Secretary

Mr.Atinuch Chanbanyong
Board Member & Deputy Secretary

Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai
President Thai Appraisal Foundation

Foundation Executives
 1.   Dr.Sopon Pornchokchai, Ph.D President
 2.   Mr.Wason Khongchantr Editor
 3.   Ms.Pattama Chantranukul Coordinator, International Affairs
 4.   Ms.Nonglak Jatutane Coordinator, Valuation Education
 5.   Ms.Pornpak Boonthong Coordinator, Research
 6.   Mr.Atinach Chanbanyong Coordinator, Professional Development

10 Nonsi Road Yannawa Bangkok 10120 Thailand Tel.66 2295 3171 Fax.66 2295 1154 Email: info@thaiappraisal.org VISIT US: Location Map